How to create a static page in Blogger

September 13, 2016 January 12, 2018

Basic-06. This article will show how to create a static page in Blogger.

How to do this tutorial

#1. Log in to

#2. After log in, select Page > New page

#3. Type the title and write the page's content, do as how to create a post in Blogger

How to display Page in Blogger

After you create a static page, it's not display automatically. If you want to show Page in Blogger, you must add Page Widget, see How to Add Gadgets - Widgets to Blogger

#1. Go to Layout > Add a Gadget. Then choose Pages Widget

#2. Pages Widget setting will appear

- Zone 1: Click to choose pages you want to display
- Zone 2: Drag and Drop to change ordering of pages

After you finish setting Pages widget, click Save.

Now link static pages already appear on your blog.

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