How to post an article on the blogger

September 08, 2016 January 12, 2018

Basic-03. After creating a blog, the next thing to do is make a blog post articles.

Basically, posting an article on the blogger's quite easy, just do following steps

How to post an article on the blogger

1. The first, you have to login to using a Google Account :

2. If you've entered, now just click the button with the icon Pencil:

3. Next you will be redirected to the page editor in blogger articles. Look carefully pictures below:

  • 1: Title posts
  • 2: Format posting
  • 3: Fill posts
  • 4: Menus to change the text color, font size, color, upload pictures and videos,...
  • 5: Label posting
  • 6: The date the article was written
  • 7: Custom permalink for post.
  • 8: Location when writing articles. Not a required
  • 9: Some other options that can be selected
  • 10: Button to publish article
  • 11: Button to save post to Draft
  • 12 : Preview post before publishing
  • 13: Close your post
4. When you complete an article, click Preview to see before publish. If The article's OK, let you click Publish to finish your post.

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