How to Add Gadgets - Widgets to Blogger

September 08, 2016 January 12, 2018

Basic-05. Widget at called Gadget, some widgets serve the purpose of enhancing your blog, such as listing your blog followers, popular posts,... This widget is usually located on the sidebar of the blog.

Widgets on the blog can be installed, removed, and also be moved in accordance desire. Additionally this widget is optional, not to be posted on the blog. So my friend can create a blog without having to install the widget altogether.

How to install the widget or gadget on blogger:

1. Login to Blogger to come your blog dashboard

2. Click on Layout menu >> Click Add Gadget

3. has provided some gadgets that are ready to be installed. Surely you're not required to install everything. Just select a widget that is really needed.

Here are some recommendations that should be installed widget in your blog:
  • Popular Posts
  • Labels 
  • Archive
  • Profile
  • HTML/ JavaScript 
This widget function to add widgets using HTML and JavaScript code. Commonly used to install third-party widgets (widgets instead of and also to place ads banner .

4. After choosing widget, click Save 

Finish, Go to your blog to see result

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