Blogspot vs. WordPress: Which is your choise?

September 07, 2016 January 12, 2018
Basic 01. Blogspot (or  Blogger) and Wordpress are the most popular blogging platform. Choosing one of them is the difficult task for beginer blogger.

This post I will share a quick comparison of WordPress vs BlogSpot, and would explain under what condition which platform you should choose

Blogspot (Blogger)


- It's totally free: you just have a Google account, Go to, Log in and start a blog. No domain required, no hosting and anything like that, everything is free.

- Easy: After creating a blog, immediately you can make a post, share it...

- Google: Blogspot is a product from Google, so Google will also integrate Google Adsense, Google Plus, high security, and update automatically new revision


- No Comment management system: Comment is an integral part of the successful blog. With bloggers, no management position in the dashboard comment. You only have the option to allow or disallow comments. If you want to reply to a comment, you must go to each separate article to answer. If your blog becomes popular and more visitors, comments, the response can become a torture.

- Google: All blog pages are stored on the server Blogger by Google. In that case, Google full power to decide the fate of your blog page anytime

Wordpress (not


- You really own the blog: WordPress gives you complete control on your blog, and you could technically do anything you like.

- Easily upgrade blog: You easily build, change, additions, almost no one realized the old website with the functionality, integration plugin. The special thing that you absolutely do not need to know, and touch any code line.


- It takes time to learn: WordPress has been known as a way to create a website without knowing HTML. And there is a  a huge supported community user. But if you want to really bring a difference, managed end of system, you need to learn a lot. You need to choose a hosting provider, learn how to install WordPress, take the time choose a theme, then is the time really learn operated WordPress.

- It's not totally free: Wordpress platform is free, but if you want to operate a Wordpress site, you must pay some money for hosting, domain,...

- Other problems: you will face some problems when operating a Wordpress site like: error when update new revision manually, maybe hacked,... so you should be always backup you site.

BlogSpot vs. WordPress: Which is your choise ?

- Ownership: Blogger is a Google service. It is free, reliable, and very little downtime, enough for you to build a blog page. However, you will not be the owner of the blog, Google's boss really. With WordPress, you will save your store in a web page hosting services, You're boss.

- Management : Blogger supports basic functionality to blog, share and promote. But you got a lot of restrictions when you want to upgrade or develop.
    WordPress is an open source CMS system so you can easily add new features. There are thousands of plugins for WordPress that you can use, modify, install. WordPress seems to be a good option for a service, a serious investment and long term.

- Ability to change: moving your website from Blogger to other platforms is a difficult task. You even have to face a lot of risk of data lossless, damaged structures, systems SEO. Though Blogger allows you to export data, content, templates, but the move is still extremely complex and potentially risky.
   With WordPress, you easily move anywhere. You move to a new host, new domain name, or rather the new CMS system, which remains the same or even upgraded structural features, SEO, ...

- Security: Use your Blogger platform inherits Google's own security. You do not need to worry about resource management system, blog or backup protection. With WordPress, the security guarantee is probably quite heavy and costly both time and money.

- Future: Blogger was no noticeable change for a long time, and perhaps in the future too. We can see that Google has killed many of their services, such as Google Reader, Adsense for feeds, Feedburner. The future of blogs does not depend on you, which completely depends on Google.
    WordPress is an open source software and that means the future will not depend on a company or individual. It has become a strong community of developers and users.


Depend on your purpose that chooses appropriate blog platform.
Hope this article is helpful to you.

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